INP Mobilizes Thousands of Personnel to Escort the 2021 Homecoming Abolition. – Operation Ketupat in the context of prohibiting the Lebaran homecoming starts early Thursday (5/5/2021). Hundreds of thousands of joint personnel were deployed during the two weeks of the operation.

As preparation, INP held a rally for the Ketupat Operation troop at the Metro Jaya Regional Police. Commander of Traffic Police Corps, Inspector General Istiono, who led the rally, emphasized that the operation provided a sense of security and comfort for the community to avoid the Coronavirus.

“The goal to be achieved is that the public can celebrate Eid al-Fitr safely and comfortably avoiding the dangers of COVID-19,” said Istiono reading the message of the Chief of Indonesian National Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Presisi Field, Jakarta, Wednesday (5 / 5/2021).

Istiono said there were hundreds of thousands of personnel deployed in Operation Ketupat Jaya 2021. The personnel consists of members of INP, TNI, and several related agencies. “In the implementation of Ketupat Operation 2021, the number of personnel involved was 155 thousand joint personnel consisting of 90,502 INP personnel and 11,533 TNI personnel and 52,880 personnel from other related institutions such as civil service police Unit, Department of Transportation, Departement of Health, Scout, Jasa Raharja,” said Istiono.

Hundreds of thousands of this personnel will be assigned to 381 isolation posts. In addition, 1,536 security posts will be guarded by this personnel. “As well as there are 596 service posts and 180 integrated posts to carry out security in crowded centers, shopping centers, stations, terminals, airports, ports, tourist attractions, and others,” he explained.

Furthermore, Istiono said there was a trend of increasing COVID-19 cases every time the government implemented a long holiday during the pandemic. Last year there was a 2.03 percent increase in the number of the Coronavirus ahead of Eid.

For that, Istiono asked Operation Ketupat Jaya not only to be considered as a routine annual agenda. The Ketupat Jaya operation this time must be emphasized to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus so that it does not increase.

“Security should not be considered a routine annual schedule, so we underestimate the dynamics in society, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; we must care. Don’t let the Eid al-Fitr activities because a new cluster of COVID-19, “concluded Istiono.